Painting, sculpture


Past: May 31 → June 19, 2012

Gallery 208 has chosen to present the artists Matteo Negri and Marco Casentini, because they both use a bridge to travel in mixed geometric shapes and colors to invite the viewer to immerse themselves in the heart of their great childhoods or simply to discover a known or unknown land to some people.

Matteo Negri, spreads his creativity by plunging the viewer into his childhood memories through Legos. From their reorganization, he emphasizes their constructive potential and then plays with, and on pushing the material until he determines that it has reached a static limit. The result creates artworks swaying between child’s unfinished construction and catastrophic deconstruction.

Marco Casentini, himself, combines the French pictorial tradition and visual sensations from his adopted land, California. By the unique use of color and by the use of geometric shapes, the artist captures the atmosphere of a given time.

The exhibition is thus a dual version of memory and journey; the memory of earth and the travel in the time.

  • Opening Thursday, May 31, 2012 6 PM → 9 PM
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The artists

  • Matteo Negri
  • Marco Casentini