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Loyality to the Material
Concerts / lectures / performances

Past: Friday, April 17, 2015 7:30 PM → 10 PM

Around a manifesto written by the Swiss artist Guy Meldem, three performances—three celebrations of the voice—punctuate this event. The incorporation of words in the bare spaces of le plateau is offered while looking at a picture by Peter Halley.

Played by Dante Boon, Tom Johnson’s One Hour Piano is a one-hour work for piano, which is listened to like an echo of the silent and personal reading of a text — the one punctuating the experience of the other, and offering the reading of the other.

Gilles Furtwängler’s proposal, with Lionel Friedli on drums, involves getting words to resonate in space. Faitfhul to his desire to “print mental images in people’s brains”, with the percussion Gilles Furtwängler doubles the impact of his words and prints his voice.

Considering words and their inclusion in space, with just her voice the Punk muse Lydia Lunch plays the exhibition space the way one plays a score. Her texts, overlaid in acoustic layers, accumulate to describe the power of her writing and remind us that, for her, music is just the backdrop for words.

If, through its immaterial nature, the voice reveals the perceptible architecture of the place, Peter Halley’s work can be read here like the concentration of a space. Its sequences of channels and intersections form the topology of a cell which is offered echo-like to the intricacy of the rooms of le plateau.

A Personal Sonic Geology is the 4th session of a series of events initiated in March 2014 by Mathieu Copeland and Philippe Decrauzat. Each one of these sessions proposes a sonic and visual experiment in the empty spaces of le plateau. Together, accompanied by the exhibition part of the programme, these sessions compose the grid of a vast research project around the relations between music, painting and film. The 1st session, The beating (from the microtones) is beating me down, took as its starting point a certain material quality of sound (FM Einheit, Fritz Hauser, Bruce McClure), and the 2nd session, Beginning again, imagined the creation of a visual environment based on Ben Van Meter’s experimental cinema. Susan Stenger (accompanied by Robert Poss and Olwen Fouéré), invited for the 3rd session, Point of no point, offered us her sonic anthology, by regarding the exhibition venue like a score.

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  • Peter Halley
  • Tom Johnson (Joué Par Dante Boon)
  • Gilles Furtwängler (Lionel Friedli)
  • Lydia Lunch