Luca Galofaro — An Atlas of Imagination


Architecture, collage, design, mixed media

Luca Galofaro
An Atlas of Imagination

Past: February 26 → March 31, 2016

Montage is the art that is capable of making the image dialectic.​

Assembling images as I do in my work does not mean assimilating them to fit them into a logical narrative plot, but juxtaposing single fragments, conserving their multiplicity, partiality and impurities to make their combination or repetition generate an interference with or a reaction to my imagination, opening up new possible relationships and knowledge.

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Luca Galofaro, Sans titre, 0 Collage sous verre

The images are not sufficient on their own, they are always juxtaposed or, more precisely,​​ collided with short phrases taken from the books of the time, words to read in order to​ amplify the effect of the image, not to assert a truth but to trigger a visual moment of​​ awareness. It is only through this dialectic restitution that the image can take on a new​​ legibility.

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Luca Galofaro, Sans titre, 0 Collage sous verre

The image become the center of a thought about time.​​ In a certain sense it is the attempt to construct an atlas of one’s own imagination, whose reference point is Warburg’s Mnemosyne Atlas, but with the difference that the images juxtaposed in this Atlas have first been manipulated and personalized through an operation of assimilation.

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Luca Galofaro, Sans titre, 0 Collage sous verre


Luca Galofaro is an architect and educator.  Associated Professor at University of Camerino from 2016, visiting professor at Confluence in Lyon 2015, at  the Bartlett school of Architecture in 2013 and at Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris from 2007 to 2013. He obtained the Master degree on  Spatial Science at the International Space University, UHA.

His research around architecture is made not just by architectural projects (is the founder member of Ian+ (1997-2015) andLGSMA (2016)  but through different research tools: two blogs  and "":http://, a new physical space, gallery Campo in Rome, and a new independent magazine Divisare that will be published on April 2016.

He is the author of many essays and several books, including Digital Eisenman (Birkauser 2001), Artscapes (Gustavo Gili, 2003 / Postmediabooks, 2008), Aristide Antonas (Libria, 2014) and An Atlas of Imagination (Idea Books, 2015).

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