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Lucy Glendinning
I Am Not

Past: March 7 → April 25, 2013

For me art inspires perspective and accountability through enhancing our perception of humanity, within our cultural historical context. To me this seems vital to the self awareness of society and in particular with growing contrasts. I want the observer to become conscious of themselves, as perceived in comparison to the object. This is why I am drawn to using the figure as a tool. To present a situation, that might create enough of a reaction and focus in a personal, to incite the viewer’s opinion.

My work is derived in the studio and is usually made in series. These are developed around an idea which starts as a poem or short statement. These ideas and thoughts are usually derived and inspired by medical information, psychological studies, and more recently imagining their potential effects in our futures. These pieces are explored through a domestic and often a classical sculpturally approach to the manipulation of the figure as object.

A series I am currently developing in the studio is Will we be able to resist it? It is the first in a series of pieces exploring how we will manage our ability to replace and choose our genetic make up. Will we be able to resist improving ourselves? I am looking at these ideas and exploring how this might develop what alterations we might find desirable and how these children might look. Our natural reaction seems that it is a bad thing, to improve the well, but is it? Has evolution has but us in charge?

Lucy Glendinning
  • Opening Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 6 PM
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