Luigi Mainolfi



Luigi Mainolfi

Past: March 15 → May 7, 2018

“La fête et la nuit”, curated by Francesco Poli, was thought in direct relation with gallery space. Will be on show bronze sculptures and painted clay paintings.

" The artist of whom I am most afraid is the Nature " said, years ago, Luigi Mainolfi. And indeed, we cannot compete with the Nature on its own ground. To become really creative artist, we do not need to try to imitate it, to challenge it face to face as in the fable The Frog and the Ox by La Fontaine: we would risk to swell, to burst and to disappear in a very ridiculous way. The more we are fascinated by itself — by its essential energy, by its exciting organicity, by the infinite variety of its components, forms and colors, by its immense peace or its merciless violence-, the more it is necessary to reinvent it by looking to the sources of the imagination.

— ​Francesco Poli

  • Opening Thursday, March 15, 2018 6 PM → 9 PM
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