François Machado — Lumière volumique


Architecture, drawing, sculpture

François Machado
Lumière volumique

Past: October 25 → November 23, 2013

At Galerie Yukiko Kawase, François Machado presents the results of his latest experiments on the evolution during a full day of rays of light in a closed space. He studies not the instant image of ray of light but the usually invisible movement of the light through time and materializes it into geometric volumes and shapes.

The movement of light penetrating into familiar home spaces such as a window of a bed room or of staircase is translated into sculptures to which he adds a piece of simple furniture. This experiment can also be applied to create reliefs of architectural projects which never came to fruition such as the national library by Etienne Louis Boullée or to buildings that do not exist anymore such as the Palais des Tuileries by Philibert Delorme.

« The capacity of an object to receive light is what enables us to identify it as real, to consider it as alive and to understand that time flows over it. The addition of life to these architectural objects means that once completed they continue to exist because of their influence through time, and not only because they once were under construction. »

François Machado, about these smooth reliefs

The works we can see bring us back to familiar memories and experiences we have all lived through. These moments, where light sparkles in our interiors, are definitely linked to time, to lapses of time when light smoothly slides into space, on walls and floors. By looking at those sculptures, you see through time. More than light, it is time you see.

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