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Past: Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Set around five thematic cycles — Childhood, World history of slavery, Displacements: them and us, the Great revolts, and Great witnesses — the popular university of the musée du quai Branly, under the leadership of Catherine Clément, continues to examine the relationship between cultures and issues of universality, of otherness and of memory. For its 10th season, the popular university of the musée du quai Branly began a new long-term cycle on Childhood, in order to better understand this crucial period of life through original approaches, be it that of Freud, a soft toy or of literature. The atypical lifecycle of Displacements: them and us, continues to confront the different ways of loving according to the eras, genres and cultures.

This year, Displacements begins with an extraordinary session on the third gender in Oceania, and confronts conceptions of the soul sister, of virginity, and different forms of love, be they immortal, mystical or passionate.

The theme of the Great revolts continued, with some of the mass movements of political and social upheavals. Whether it is the storming of the Bastille, rock’n’roll, or Nelson Mandela, all of them have permanently marked the global political landscape. The Great witnesses exceptional sessions invite global actors, artists, scientists and philosophers, to testify on their unique backgrounds, their experiences and their inner search.


  • Wednesday 06/05/15, 6.30 pm

The Great revolts: Les Misérables, by Alain Badiou, philosopher, novelist and essayist.

  • Wednesday 13/05/15, 6.30 pm

The Great revolts: Can we revolt before God?, by Tobie Nathan, psychologist and writer.

  • Wednesday 20/05/15, 6.30 pm

Childhood: Opening up the enigmas of childhood, by Henri Ray-Flaud, psychoanalyst, literature specialist.

  • Wednesday 27/05/15, 6.30 pm

Displacements: them and us: Crimes of passion, by Tobie Nathan, psychologist and writer, and Emmanuel Pierrat, Lawyer.

  • Friday 29/05/15, 6.30 pm

Great witness: Arnaud Desplechin, director.

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