Lynn Davis — Desert & Ice



Lynn Davis
Desert & Ice

Past: January 9 → April 2, 2016

Galerie Karsten Greve presents Desert & Ice, a new one-woman exhibition of the American photographer Lynn Davis. The works presented are from a series initiated in 1986 when the artist decided to abandon her practice of the nude to pursue a working documentation of compositions and shapes in a decidedly minimalist aesthetic. From Greenland to Egypt, via Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Sudan and the United States, the proposed route tends to emphasize the richness of Lynn Davis’ oeuvre and the plurality of themes covered during her career.

A certain kinship with some of the big names of American sculpture of the sixties, their concerns and aesthetic bias may be found in this series, especially in the elementary geometric shapes of monuments and the development of a certain architectural serialism that one finds in the alignment of the beams of the Temple of Awam, of the Palmyra Tetrapylon or in that of the religious buildings in the ancient city of Nubia.

  • Opening Saturday, January 9, 2016 6 PM → 8 PM
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