Manifeste #10


Graphic design, installation, performance, poetry...

Manifeste #10

Past: Friday, February 14, 2014 at 8 PM

With Yoann Thommerel, Sonia Chiambretto, Benjamin Seror, Véronique Hubert, Naïa Sore, Frédéric Héritier.

Manifesto of 1343 intermediaries

Writers Sonia Chiambretto and Yoann Thommerel deliver a manifesto that, while it might not be very literary itself, does concern literature. To summarise, you could say that it is in step with the times and the trend, the trend of beating about the bush. Sonia Chiambretto: her texts are published primarily by Actes Sud Papiers and staged by Hubert Colas and Rachid Ouramdane. She regularly gives performances and readings. She is a member of the editorial staff of the poetry journal Grumeaux and regularly publishes her work in poetry reviews. She teaches classes in a creative writing programme at the Université d’Aix-Marseille. Polices! (grmx éditions, 2011) is currently touring, staging by choreographer Rachid Ouramdane. Yoann Thommerel: member of the editorial staff of the review Fusées for a time, he founded Grumeaux in 2009, a magazine dedicated to poetry and experimental literature, and then in 2011 he founded a publishing house for transgender literature: gmrx éditions. He regularly gives public readings of his work and published his first book in 2013: Trafic. This text will be adapted for the theatre at La Colline in May 2014, directed by Daniel Jeanneteau and Marie-Christine Soma.


This funny-looking word could define the peculiar contract between magicians and their audience. Everywhere in the world other than in a performance hall, a man who makes your wife or husband, a historic monument or an innocent rabbit vanish into thin air would have to do some explaining to the police, while onstage, he garners admiration and applause. The magician relies on the trust that the audience places in him to secretly pull the strings that will make rabbits, severed fingers, knotted scarves and playing cards appear. Benjamin Seror (born 1979 in Lyon, lives in Brussels) holds up the fruits of his reflections on the transmission of a story, questioning the possible staging of our memory, at once both real and fictional. The models, sculptures and events he stages can lead the viewer to the gates of hell just as easily as they could make them dance all night to the delicate sounds of Perfect Kiss by New Order. Music is a wide open field for reflection in performances where the artist is simultaneously author, actor and musician, a cross between a conference model, the role of a troubadour and the narrative structure of an opera.

Manifesse in 3 movements

Triple visual and sound celebration orchestrated by Véronique Hubert/Utopia, Woody Alien and Acnaia as a closing act for Manifesto #10.

1° Utopia Cinema #11: a new episode of the electro-festive mix of musical set and a montage of diverse images for Manifesse. In this episode #11, the fairy Utopia (Véronique Hubert) and her “off-beat” cut-ups place the focus on “the Way of Image in Movement” in German cinema. Véronique Hubert has been working on this project since 2005: “Utopia fait son cinema” a themed audio-visual mix performed at gallery openings and artistic events.

2° Acnaïa music set: a sometimes DJ, but always passionate about music, Acnaïa creates sets like a complex interweaving of free associations, tracing a path through a personal sound map with vintage, exotic and off-beat notes: the samples follow on, one after another, each one echoing the last to take us back through the history of lesser-known rock ’n’ roll. Acnaïa has held several performance events, solo or with Véronique Hubert. She was also a writer for 10 years with the magazine Octopus.

3° Music set by Woody Alien: “I have questions for all of your answers. I believe in the future, I even count on spending the next few years there.” Woody Alien (Frédéric Héritier) arrived on Earth during Elvis Presley’s famous televised concert, Aloha from Hawaii.

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