Manifeste 7: David Guez, Olivier Bosson, Dominiq Jenvrey


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Manifeste 7: David Guez, Olivier Bosson, Dominiq Jenvrey

Past: Friday, November 15, 2013 8 PM → 10 PM

Manifeste 7: David Guez, Olivier Bosson, Dominiq Jenvrey

DIGITAL MEMORY & CONSERVATION (MÉMOIRE NUMÉRIQUE & CONSERVATION), David Guez: “How to use land art, genetics and reverse bio-engineering to save our collective memory in the digital age”. The rise of the computer and the binary code have launched civilisation into a race to flatten reality. By flattening reality we mean voluntary and involuntary, massive and local, digitization. By digitization we mean the act of transforming information (deposited since the dawn of time in different media — stone, books, skins, plants, rope…) into a code that is universally understood, coded and decoded by the Universal Machine (U. M.) and stored by this same U. M.: binary code, zeros and ones — THE ZEROONES lined up in calculators and the records of the U. M. transforming the REAL WORLD into a ZEROONE WORLD.
Biography: since 1995, David Guez has created various art projects driven fundamentally by two ideas — the idea of “connection”: social connections, connections between different media and between different practices, connection to an idea of otherness where new technologies could be a way to share with others; — the idea of the “public” in the widest sense of the word. These two approaches have allowed him invent “objects” and “matrices” that call into question contemporary subjects and their connections with new technologies. The subjects range from free media, psychoanalysis, the relationship to time, collaborative uses for the internet, identity issues, loss of freedom and questions about archiving. The most recent projects — _Série 2067, Humanpédia, Disque dur papier _(paper hard drive), Etalon kilooctet (kilobyte standard) are more closely focused on the issues of time and memory.

FOR A PREDICTIVE PSYCHOLOGY (POUR UNE PSYCHOLOGIE PRÉDICTIVE), Dominiq Jenvrey: in his conference, Dominiq Jenvrey will introduce several concepts at work in this new psychology discipline, likely to solve the problems that we face. He will be showing the rupture that predictive psychology has created, particularly through its use of fiction. And lastly, proposing new watchwords, useful for future action.
Biography: Dominiq Jenvrey, born in 1975, is a French writer. His first three books form a set. In Exp. Tot. he develops a theoretical fiction, through which he constructs fiction concepts. With E.T., concrete fiction, he addresses the question of extra-terrestrials, from the point of view of literary creation. This fiction can be read as a reflection on the usefulness of literature, or as simple science-fiction, with a skilfully hidden false bottom: “he examines the conditions for the possibility of a literary language that should be set down in anticipation of the total experience that meeting extra-terrestrials would represent.” His books are part of a complete fiction project. In each one his idea is developed through new concepts that attempt to answer his central question — how do we make the world perform actions other than the ones it is currently performing? In his conferences, he shifts between serious delivery and parody, explaining his fictional theses in diagrams that he develops in his demonstration.

EVERYONE A SPECTATOR (TOUS SPECTATEURS), Olivier Bosson: “once, for actually fairly practical reasons, I thought about a sort of theory for working live, performances, and even films — the 1:1 scale. I had to have a useful theory, maybe even one to use as a tool, and I very quickly realised that a slogan-theory would work better than a pure theory, particularly because slogans are types of unfinished thoughts, and therefore leave it up to the spectator to finish the job. In 20 minutes, we are setting off on a journey to the centre of the spectator with key words like 1:1 scale, tobogganing, GNAGNAGNAGNA, profitability, not national, and also a training course for the spectator with a practical exercise.”
Biography: born in 1970, Olivier Bosson lives in Lyon. He is a director and a performer. His films and performances are part of an expanded audio-visual field, strongly linked to contemporary art, ranging from fictional films to conferences. “My process consists in addressing people like you, in different ways, generally through film and performance. In my own modest capacity I am competing with media giants like Universal or Bouygues Telecom, through certainly much cheaper pieces of work, but ones that I hope are as fun and perhaps more sincere, or more curious about life. In any case, what I recount in them is based on very different observations, it would seem that we don’t all experience the world in the same way. In practice, I am involving more and more people in my films, I love to hold auditions, work with many actors, often amateurs. I really like the collective nature of films, and having non-pro actors participating adds a special dimension: in general, people are incomparable.”

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