Soirée Nomade — Marcelline Delbecq + Georges Aperghis + Tim Etchells


Mixed media

Soirée Nomade
Marcelline Delbecq + Georges Aperghis + Tim Etchells

Past: Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at 9 PM

Marcelline Delbecq

Oublier, voir — Reading and projection

Drawing on her unforgettable and forgotten memories as a spectator, Marcelline Delbecq has written a narrative in images that questions the experience of each and every spectator, reader and listener. Neither fiction nor a true documentary, Oublier, voir exonerates a subjective story from viewing as it relates to memory.

+ Georges Aperghis

Requiem furtif — Concert, with Françoise Rivalland and Anne Mercier

Prolix composer Georges Aperghis uses his never-ending supply of creativity to invent a very personal work. He has written more than a hundred pieces — soloist and orchestral works, vocal and chamber pieces — always taking inspiration from text and dramatic arts. His Requiem furtif, performed by Françoise Rivalland and Anne Mercier — the interpreters with whom it was created — is to be approached “like an intimate relationship between the ‘living’ violin and the ‘dead’ claves, like a study of activity and emptiness” (Peter Szendy).

+ Tim Etchells

A Broadcast / Looping Pieces — Performance

In his improvised performance piece A Broadcast/Looping Pieces, artist and writer Tim Etchells opens his notebook to reveal the intimacy of his own creative process to the public. The random pages from his archives — a jumbled assortment of fragments of text, overheard conversations and newspaper clippings — confuse the stream of language, producing dialogs, juxtapositions and ambiguous collisions.

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