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Marcus Lyon

Past: April 22 → June 7, 2014

Pictet prize-winner in 2012 and 2013, Marcus Lyon presents Stadia his new series of photographs taken during London 2012 Paralympic Games. Marcus Lyon counts as collectors the Art Institute of Chicago, second biggest art museum after New York’s MoMA, and the Arts Council Collection of Great Britian, among others. Inception Gallery informs you of the online exhibition of Marcus Lyon.

In the first decade of the 21st century, world sports events have outshined all other massive gathering. The stadium has become the reference of modern house supported by media with a specific attention to the importance of television. The stadium, comparable to an arena is a space of common human aspiration where the individual, the society and the brand get together to create a new type of divinity. As in an arena, the stadium is an emotional space where all important themes of religious redemption, such as pain, glory, victory fair-play and death are played in Technicolor.

The artist’s work chronologically explores one of the biggest exhibitions of the Modern Age : 2012 London Paralympic Games. Marcus Lyon has obtained access of the entire domain of Paralympic Games thanks to the director of the photography of the event, Bob Martin. During more than two weeks, he was enable to visit each place, keeping memory of the spaces and choosing the right time and competition to take the best possible shot. This programme has contributed to obtain a global and dynamic vision of the sportive events and of their logistic. The photographs mean to inspire the spectator on the deep human history presents in these Games, highlighting the architecture, the sport, media and sportsmen and women, and the crowd, similar to the biblical spectacle of the Antic Roma arenas.

Marcus Lyon has edited 23 photographs in edition of 7 + 3 Artist Proofs. Each edition is available through the gallery and edited on Digital Fiber Museum Bareyte Print on 122 × 100 cm, and presented framed with a museum glass.

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