Marie Preston — Du pain sur la planche


Performance, photography, sculpture, video

Marie Preston
Du pain sur la planche

Past: December 1, 2019 → May 17, 2020

Ferme du buisson 1 2 exposition marie preston 1 6 1 grid Focus — Marie Preston, La Ferme du Buisson Discover in pictures the exhibition Du pain sur la planche of Marie Preston at La Ferme du Buisson.

Artist, researcher and teacher, Marie Preston sees her task as endeavouring to create artworks with people who, in theory, are not artists. Making initial contact via personal activity in a specific geographical context, she triggers a collective creative process that establishes common ground through interchange of knowledge and skills. The resultant group experiments find expression in photographs, sculptures, performances, films and actions.

At La Ferme du Buisson Preston is combining two lines of research in a focus on the bakery trade and alternative forms of education. Her Pain Commun (Communal Bread) project in Paris’s Saint Denis district brings local residents and bakers’ apprentices together in a bread-making venture seen as a shared approach to “letting knowledge grow”.

She is pairing this with an investigation into a network of experimental schools that sprang up in France in the 1970s and 1980s on a basis of self-governance, cooperation and openness to innovation. The outcome is an exhibition designed as an ongoing work situation enabling exploration of the connections between co-creation and co-learning.

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