Mario Giacomelli — Photographie Métaphysique — 1970-1995



Mario Giacomelli
Photographie Métaphysique — 1970-1995

Past: November 6 → 28, 2015

Metaphysic Photographs 1970

Mario Giacomelli (1925-2000) is mainly known for, the Seminarians playing in the snow or the famous Scanno Boy, considered by John Sarkowsky, former curator of the MOMA, as one of the most important pictures in the history of the medium. His work however is not only limited to the humanistic interpretation.

Him who lived all his life in Senigallia, on the Adriatic coast, and produced most of his photographs in the Marche region, background of his very personal “theater”. He developed an exclusive work filled by a fantastic tune.

This fourth exhibition by the gallery is devoted to the period of maturity of the Italian master, whose taste for poetry comes from a transcendental reading of the nature: "What interests me is not understanding the subject but to communicate in an area of freedom … a magical area where to give free rein to self-analysis ".

A symbolic language that is celebrated by the presented series, Metamorphosis of the earth, mental projections of landscapes, Bando, abstract and graphic compositions made from metal construction poles, or in this memory I would like to tell, metaphysical fable where takes the stage with shop window models, stuffed animals and salvage junk.

  • Opening Thursday, November 5, 2015 at 6 PM
  • Meeting Saturday, November 7, 2015 at 4 PM

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