Marion Catusse & Mitsuru Tateishi — Hypothesis for the origin


Drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media

Marion Catusse & Mitsuru Tateishi
Hypothesis for the origin

Past: September 24 → October 29, 2016

This fall, the Galerie Da-End invites the artists Marion Catusse and Mitsuru Tateishi to present their works together for the first time, on the occasion of a mixed solo exhibition entitled “Hypothesis for the origin”.

Following training in fine arts at the Ecole de Condé, the young artist Marion Catusse (b. 1991) was chosen to participate in the 60th Salon de Montrouge where she unveiled her researches on matter’s mutations. Her singular field of artistic experimentations relates to the area of chemistry as well as microbiology or mineralogy.

Fascinated with nature, Marion Catusse attempts to reproduce its fundamental principles by creating imaginary cartographies. Her works on paper with an organic finish remind of cells structures that are scrutinized with a microscope. Isolated like precious subjects or arranged in the form of small stained-glass windows, these cells also come adorn various animal bones, quartz and mica blocks — inanimate terrains that are propitious to the apparition of life.

Sanstitre 19x19cm 02 medium
Mitsuru Tateishi, Sans titre, 2012 Huile et technique mixte sur papier — 19 × 19 cm Courtesy de l’artiste et la Galerie Da-End

The creations of Japanese painter Mitsuru Tateishi (1962-), close to the phenomenon of pareidolia, solicit the spectator’s visual imagination. His works on canvas or paper, halfway between abstract paint stains and chemical reactions, are made thanks to a specific technique using the physical properties of pigments, oils and medium.

Emphasizing the vague forms produced by chance, the artist creates artworks whose undulating curls evoke strange plants or abyssal substances to some, nebulous celestial landscapes to others. This spontaneous research, closely linked to the pictorial medium in itself, gives rise to a poetic dialogue with Marion Catusse’s works; metaphors for a cycle of living things that finds its way up to the core of inanimate matter.

Tableau 19 5x27 5cm medium
Mitsuru Tateishi, Sans titre, 2014 Huile et technique mixte sur toile Courtesy de l’artiste et la Galerie Da-End

Project room : Nicolas Tolmachev

In parallel to the ‘Hypothesis for the origin’ exhibition, the Galerie Da-End presents an installation of works on paper by Ukrainian artist Nicolas Tolmachev. Born in 1993 in Brovary, Nicolas Tolmachev has demonstrated an innate talent for the arts since the youngest age, trying sculpture at first then drawing. Thanks to watercolors, which have become his favorite and sole technique, he deploys his bittersweet figurative world, inspired by the art and literature of 18th and 19th century.

Under the pretext of fanciful or mythological topics, the artist creates allegories of the modern world in which classical references and anachronistic details juxtapose with ingenuity. Continuously revisiting the genre of portrait and still life, Nicolas Tolmachev offers us delicate variations on the themes of love and youth, with their pains and emotions.

Nicolas tolmachev toilette 2016 galerie da end paris medium
Nikolay Tolmachev, Toilette, 2016 Aquarelle sur papier — 30,5 × 26,5 cm Courtesy de l’artiste et la Galerie Da-End
  • Opening Saturday, September 24, 2016 2 PM → 8 PM
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