Martin Meyenburg, Benoît Blanchard — Éléments ordonnés


Drawing, installation, photography, sculpture...

Martin Meyenburg, Benoît Blanchard
Éléments ordonnés

Past: February 6 → March 22, 2014

Benoi t blanchard martin meyenburg  elements ordonnes 5 grid Éléments ordonnés — Galerie Laurent Mueller Imaginée originellement comme un dialogue entre deux artistes, l’exposition « Éléments ordonnés » déroute de prime abord, car elle ... 2 - Bien Critique

The galerie laurent mueller announces a dialogue between German artist Martin Meyenburg and invited French artist Benoît Blanchard.

For this dialogue, both artists have undertaken the representation of surface and the aesthetic transformation of abstraction from real images; those who configure the artist’s way of looking. In this context, Martin Meyenburg presents his Photogrammes, a new series of works that explore the notions of light and space in a photographic context. Whilst working with the same principles as in his previous pieces — sculptural space explorations that make his work a place of reflection of the artist about an abstract image — he has created a photogram machine. The constructions inside of this machine are projected onto a two dimensional plan, where they are transferred onto photographic paper as unique colour photograms.  Benoît Blanchard has created Relevés, a series of drawings which convey realism, as they are sketched from a model and drawn in full scale, as well as abstraction: once the artist gets some distance from his model, he fills the drawn silhouette with his own vocabulary of numerous fine lines which recover the drawing with a geometric veil. The subject of this project to immortalise the beams of an abandoned farm in Britanny confers to his work a melancholic touch. Paradoxically, wondering about the abandonment of this surface, Benoît has given a new life to this place left to its own remains.

With their personal artistic vision, both artists offer us an exhibition about reality and imagination with memories as driving power, and invite us to think about surface as the starting point for abstraction.

Martin Meyenburg born 1978 in Berlin, Germany.

Holds a Master from the Universität der Künste Berlin and received the Walter Hellenthal price for painting in 2007. He has shown in Berlin, Hamburg and Paris. Among his solo exhibitions should be noted: No Place Like Home at the galerie laurent mueller, Paris in 2012 and Shifting Around with Manuela Barczewski at Minken&Palme, Berlin in 2010. He has also participated in numerous group exhibitions to date.

Benoît Blanchard born in1982 in Lyon, France.

Doctor in Aesthetics from the Université Paris 8, he received in 2005 the laureate of the price for young creators from Aulnay-Sous-Bois. Among his solo exhibitions should be noted: Corrections with Cécile de Beauvoir at Laptop, Galerie Daniez & de Charette, Paris in 2013, Politique visuelle invited by REX in Belgrade in 2013, and 502,25m² at the Galerie de Paris 8 in Saint Denis. Furthermore, he has participated in numerous group exhibitions such as Minimalismes, a collaboration between BG Now and the Galerie Thierry Marlat, Paris in 2013. He has an online publication: Œuvres (

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