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Matt W. Moore

Past: April 27 → June 16, 2012

Matt W. Moore, 32 years old, based in Portland (Maine, USA). He is the founder of MWM Graphics. Matt practices different artistic disciplines : colourful graphic artwork — he is the originator of Vectorfunk — painting, watercolours, and of course aerosol, which remains his favourite technic, especially for big mural surface.

His work is internationally well known, and has influenced many artists. It is our great pleasure to welcome him again for another residency and exhibition.

Two years ago Matt arrived in Paris with nothing more than a suitcase and ambition to produce. On site, in the gallery, during one month. Yes, this is how it happened : logistics and supplies first, then work, a lot of work. A tremendous amount of work. At the end, an exhibition which which was an important milestone, and a wall of 8 m by 6 m which remains a landmark in the gallery history.
Today, nearly 24 months to that day, Matt is back in Paris. Almost in the same conditions. Except that: if Crystals & Lasers (his previous exhibition at Since.Upian) drew his inspiration from the specific geometry of facets and crystalline cutting edges, Matt explores today a new kind of space.

Indeed, Gravity — by still using the same technic of aerosol paintings totally analog — represents an evolution, a work that is more organic. Which shows abstract triangulations blending with curves and flow. A Geometry of interaction and a visual depiction of Gravity.

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