Matthew Darbyshire / Ange Leccia


Film, sculpture, video

Matthew Darbyshire / Ange Leccia

Past: January 27 → February 24, 2018

For its first show of 2018, Galerie Jousse Entreprise is playing host to  Ange Leccia and Matthew Darbyshire for a dialogue about fetishism.

With Poussière d’étoiles/Stardust, Leccia takes the use of images from his personal archives to its height.  The matter of the super 8 film and the TV screen vibrates dizzily to capture the energy of the projection.  In contrast, Matthew Darbyshire’s transparent resin objects seem marked by a cruel fixedness.  But his 3D x-rays also present the fingerprints which Roxman Gatt left behind during his performances after handling these same objects.  A form of eroticism thus permeates the whole exhibition in a continual seesaw between the warmth of bodies and the cold expression of our digital worlds.    

Ange%20leccia poussiere%20d%20etoile 3 medium
Ange Leccia, Poussière d’étoiles, 2017 Vidéo HD — 13"5' Courtesy de l’artiste et de la galerie Jousse Entreprise, Paris
Matthew%20darbyshire%20et%20roxaman%20gatt radiographs%20project 1 medium
Matthew Darbyshire, Radiograph Series, 2018 Clear resin Courtesy de l’artiste et de la galerie Jousse Entreprise, Paris
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