Matthias Reinmuth — Two nights and one summer


Drawing, painting

Matthias Reinmuth
Two nights and one summer

Past: October 18 → November 10, 2012

Matthias Reinmuth deconstructs in his works the rules of time and of space and plunges us into an emotional state, a nirvana of pastel colors. His abstraction is dreamlike and lyric as are his paintings made of successive layers of oil paint of washed and iridescent colors. The realistic pictograms — boats, stars, animals, bulbs — which appeared formerly in the middle of his paintings are dissipated. By investigating the borders of abstraction, Reinmuth practically erased the narrative elements, which hardly appeared into a more and more intuitive pictorial world.

" What do we see, when we close our eyes? What colors are the visual fragments of the reality in our memoirs? " The work of Matthias Reinmuth can be seen as a soft adaptation of his subconscious or even his unconscious, although he is not concerned by the concrete means of Surrealism. The painting of this former student of Baselitz is in the tradition of the Abstract Expressionism and the Informal Art of the 1950s and of the 1960s, which put the emotional expressiveness of the color and the abstract and lyric spontaneity of the act of painting on canvas as the center of the artistic confrontation.

  • Opening Thursday, October 18, 2012 4 PM → 11 PM
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Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM

The artist

  • Matthias Reinmuth