Matthieu Saladin — G-20 Song, 2012


Installation, sound - music

Matthieu Saladin
G-20 Song, 2012

Past: October 1, 2012 → December 31, 2013

The G-20 Song website consists in the real-time transposition of the G-20 countries’ stock market indices into sound frequencies. These countries represent 85% of global economic trade. The user can choose to listen to the individual sound transposition of one of the G-20 country indices, or to all of them at the same time. The software localizes the user, and if she/he is in one of the G-20 countries, the website automatically plays the sound frequency associated to that country’s index. For example, if the user is in Berlin, the sound transposition of the DAX index automatically starts when she/he connects to the website; if she/he is in Kyoto, it will be the Nikkei 225 index, and so forth. It is then possible to clic on the other indices to listen to them, or to clic on “all” to listen to all of them simultaneously. If the user is not located in any of the G-20 countries, when she/he connects to the website, it automatically plays all of the sound frequencies, by default.

The G-20 Song website

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