Matthieu Saladin — Orientation, 2011-2013


Installation, sound - music

Matthieu Saladin
Orientation, 2011-2013

Past: June 9 → December 31, 2013

Card, 10.5 × 14.8 cm. Each card contained a compass indicating north and must be arranged so that the orientation is correct. Stacks of these cards are left available in various cultural, artistic and tourist flyers such guidance.

Orientation carte2 1 medium
Matthieu Saladin, Orientations, carte 2, There’s A Riot Goin’On, 2011-2013, 0 3 versions ont été produites pour le CAC Brétigny, diffusées sur l’agglomération du Val d’Orge et au-delà

Three versions were produced for the CAC Brétigny, spread on the town of Val d’Orge and beyond.

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