Maxime Bondu — Information Quantique


Mixed media

Maxime Bondu
Information Quantique

Past: August 31 → September 24, 2017

If the body of works developed by the French artist Maxime Bondu (b. 1985) frequently operates in the vicinity of the replica, the specific field allocated to the latter produces unexpected shapes arising from empirical reinvention or a counter-employed tautology.

For his second exhibition at the gallery Jérôme Poggi, Maxime Bondu enrols in the quest for the Italian physicist Ettore Majorana, mysteriously disappeared in 1938 between Naples and Palermo. Inspired by the notions of quantum mechanics such as information, superposition or the double, a new set of works will be exhibited by intuitively juxtaposing merchant ships, masks, vortexes and cigarettes. On this occasion, the artist invites Etienne Klein, a physicist and writer author of En cherchant Majorana (Collection Folio, Gallimard), to collaborate on the conceptualization of ‘possible equations’ and on writing an essay.

  • Opening Saturday, September 2, 2017 12 PM → 8 PM
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