Michael Wolf — Blind Walls — Paris RoofTops



Michael Wolf
Blind Walls — Paris RoofTops

Past: January 8 → March 1, 2015

Since his first personal project, Michael Wolf has developed a unique body of work on life in the city encompassing China, Hong Kong, Chicago, Paris and Tokyo. Although his landscape photographs of Hong Kong and Chicago have received the most recognition to date, the scope of his work goes far beyond the architecture of the contemporary city.

Wolf’s interest in the city’s surface is driven by an underlying fascination with the lives beneath it. Beyond the formal structure of the urban environment, Wolf’s camera reveals the manifestations of human life within it, combining different scales, perspectives and visual approaches to present a complex vision of the dynamics of the urban organism.

  • Opening Thursday, January 8, 2015 at 6:30 PM
La Galerie Particulière Gallery
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