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Michel Aubry
La Loge Fantôme

Past: April 27 → June 12, 2010

On April 23, 1925, Alexandre Rodtchenko wrote to his wife: “… This evening, I went to a circus, there are four of them in all in Paris. I saw the famous Fratellinis, nothing special, but of course, they are artists. It was something else that struck me: the public’s love for them and especially, their dressing rooms, which had an open door on one side through which everyone could look inside and a window through which you could see; there are five rooms, and it’s a whole museum of objects, photos, drawings, etc.” (1)
Eighty-five years later, almost day for day, the gallery is inaugurating Michel Aubry’s new exhibition, “The Phantom Dressing Rooms”, a direct reference to the Fratellinis’ dressing rooms. The Frantellinis’ dressing rooms visited once again in 2005 by Rodtchenko’s double in the person of David Legrand for the requirements of the filming of the Rodtchenko in Paris logbook, then for The Travel Accounts of Rodtchenko and Stroheim, filmed in Tarbes in 2009 on the occasion of the dual exhibition “John Armleder & Michel Aubrey”. This exhibition proposes a new appearance of the dressing rooms as well as the discovery of Michel Aubry’s museum, which is used to set up shootings. His films will be scheduled during the exhibition (cf. invitation).
The “translation” work Michel Aubry put in place in the 1980s, which permitted him to create a world or a passage proving possible between the musical universe and the universe of objects, is continued here with the cinematographic experience.
Lastly, on the occasion of this exhibition, the Marion Meyer Contemporain gallery and Éditions Nicolas Chaudun are publishing a book, Les dispositifs romanesques de Michel Aubry, with text by Hugo Lacroix.

(1) Alexandre Rodtchenko, A Paris, Lettres à la maison, 1925 dans “ Écrits complets sur l’art, l’architecture et la révolution ”, Édition Philippe Sers, Paris, 1988.

  • Opening Saturday, April 24, 2010 6 PM → 9 PM
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