Mihuț Boșcu Kafchin — II Clouds


Drawing, installation, painting

Mihuț Boșcu Kafchin
II Clouds

Past: April 5 → June 6, 2013

Mihuț Boșcu Kafchin has lived and worked in Cluj since graduating from the University’s Ceramics and Sculpture Faculty (BA 2008, MA 2010). Though he was affiliated to this department, Mihuț Boșcu Kafchin used his student years to experiment intensely with other mediums. Even from his undergraduate years, Mihuț Boșcu Kafchin acquired a reputation as one of Cluj’s most experimental artists.

He is unfailingly passionate about science, space exploration and science fiction. So much so that it is more appropriate to describe his place of work as a laboratory, bubbling over with new and on-going experiments, than a “studio”, as the 2012 assemblage Idyosyncratic Birds attests — a "bricolage’"of different linguistic sequences, comprised of disparate substances including feathers and lighting tripods.

Gaudel de Stampa Gallery Gallery
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  • Mihuț Boșcu Kafchin