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Group show

Past: December 3, 2013 → February 8, 2014

Who are those who have never succumbed to the delight of voluptuously munching a Millefeuille, or to softly lift the layers of this puffy pasty stacking the layers of French pastry cream?

Philippe Hardy

In the same way, this exhibition is proposing to you a gastronomic selection of works made by young artists, all graduates since several years of the European Fine Art School of Brittany (Brest, Lorient, Quimper, Rennes).

These young artists have spent five years in our institution, supervised by attentive and generous professors who have looked for the true personality of the talents to-be, obviously teaching them knowledge, know-how but mostly know-how about expressing and explaining their works. It’s during these five years that the artists to-be attended in many conferences and workshops programmed in our establishment.

During these conferences and workshops, our students discuss with the participating artists who come and speak about their artistic domain, their researches, their everyday life and their relationships will be formed and so will start what is common in all work, society, relationships, selective affinities, will be constructed and reinforced.

This is the main goal of this exhibition Millefeuille showed at the Hélène Bailly Gallery in Paris. This exhibition was in fact built as a Millefeuille thanks to a network of friendly and professional relationships. This Millefeuille presenting a choice made by the gallerist Hélène Bailly among the works of these young artists starting their career. This exhibition should offer the possibility to very wide public and curious collectors, to discover these talented young artists who start their researches with fervour, passion, authenticity; this is the moment to begin to follow their careers. This is the experience that is important for us to propose to you, because we consider that it is necessary to help the young artists in this moment when they find themselves alone, after five years with us, between us. It’s the reason why we are very happy to invite you to come to the Hélène Bailly Gallery, rue de Seine to discover the creations of these true talents.

  • Opening Saturday, November 30, 2013 4 PM → 8 PM
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The artists

  • Sarah Chantrel
  • Faustine Beuve
  • Marion Brossard
  • Caroline Brisset
  • Catherine Le Carrer
  • François Xavier Chanioux
  • Julia Clouette
  • Thomas Daveluy
  • Maxime Davy
  • Jonas Delhaye
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