Na Liu — Les fils chuchotés


Installation, mixed media, video

Na Liu
Les fils chuchotés

Ends in 8 days: April 24 → June 2, 2024

Na liu artiste le plateau 1 1 grid Na Liu — Interview — Le Plateau Chez Na Liu, le fantastique épouse le quotidien et le mondain se pare d’une destinée cosmique, faisant du moindre élément familier l’ingrédient secret d’un rituel magique. La combinaison récurrente des éléments liquide et feu en mouvement documentent une alchimie fantastique que ses tableaux figent en un catalogue ésotérique et sensible. Le Plateau présente une installation de l’artiste dans sa Project Room.

Project Room

A partnership with the 1Bourse Révélations Emerige 2023/ Emerige 2023 Revelations Grant.

Na Liu was born in 1989 in Nanjing, China. She lives and works in Paris.

Storytelling, scenography and symbols run through Na Liu’s work, and are reflected in all the media she explores (painting, drawings, videos, objects). Mrs XX, the main character in her films conceived as chapters, is scrutinized in her every move by an outside eye. The left eye absorbs the fantasy, while the right sees the truth. The mise en scène fuses these different practices, placing us at the heart of phantasmagorical rituals where evanescent figures, colored lights and veils bring us back to a ghostly dimension. It’s as if these sacred, invisible voices were pointing us in the direction of a form of resistance to all things technological.

1 Frac Île-de-France has joined forces with the Bourse Révélations Emerige 2023 to select an artist from among the 12 nominees for the Révélations Emerige to present her work in a solo exhibition in the Plateau’s Project Room.

Curator : Maëlle Dault

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