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Nancy Wilson-Pajic

Past: May 3 → June 9, 2018

Blueprints: the exhibition presents a series of works of varying formats chosen from the artist’s personal collection.

Whilst experimental photography is only one of the very different forms explored by the artist throughout her career, this selection of works aims to provide an insight into her different photographic investigations ranging from formal documentation, to allegory, to the use of her own body in the making of her art.

Since 1965, Nancy Wilson-Pajic has used narrative forms to make content-oriented artworks. She played an important role in the international artistic avant-garde of the 1970s with her text-sound installations and narrative works that often explored and questioned feminine role models, and commented twenty years later that “Working on female roles, using photography, posing for disguised self-portraits, and especially making works entirely in text and recorded sound, at the time I was doing it, did not conduct one directly to fame and fortune. It was rather looked upon as subversive and anti-artistic. This is hard to imagine today…” In 1978 Nancy Wilson-Pajic moved to Paris where she began exploring the representative character of photography in relation to text and other forms of information, “My work is concerned with the processes by which information accumulates and is transformed — by juxtaposition with other information, by memory, and by the individual’s order of priorities. I have used sound recordings and written text, video and film, photographs, drawings and computer technologies — in installations, in book form and on the wall — to create mental spaces within which creative reflection may take place.” Her early experiments with traditional photographic processes such as gum bichromate, carbon transfer, photogram, cyanotype, established Nancy Wilson-Pajic as a precursor of the artists’ photography movement.

Throughout her distinguished and singular career Nancy Wilson-Pajic has participated in more than 400 personal and group exhibitions in galleries and museums around the world and three retrospective exhibitions have been devoted to her work by contemporary art museums. Her work features in the permanent collections of the Musée national d’art moderne (Paris), Musée d’Élysée (Lausanne), French National collection (Fonds national d’Art contemporain, Paris), Bibliotheque Nationale (Paris), Museet for Fotokunst (Odense), Nouveau Musée national de Monaco, Daelim Contemporary Art Museum (Seoul, Korea) and the Musée Réattu (Arles), to name but a few.

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