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Natacha Nisic

Past: October 15, 2013 → January 26, 2014

The work of Natacha Nisic (born in Grenoble in 1976) continually explores the invisible, even magical relationship between images, words, interpretation, symbol and ritual. Her work interweaves links between stories, accounts of the past and the present, to reveal the complexities of the relationship between what is shown and what is hidden, the spoken and the unspoken. Natacha Nisic, who was awarded residencies at the Villa Kujoyama in 2001 and the Villa Medici in 2007, calls into question the nature of the image through various media: Super 8, 16 mm, video, photography and drawing. Her fixed and moving images function as substrata of memory, memory torn between its value as proof and its loss, and are all statements about the status of images and the possibilities of representation.

Continuing her meditation on the image process, the visible and the invisible, the document and narration, Natacha Nisic presents several installations that she has created since 1995, including Andrea in Conversation and f, two new works produced specifically for the exhibition. The exhibition begins with Catalogue de gestes, inviting the viewer to a reinterpretation of the perceptible world by juxtaposing intimate stories, historic or mythological.

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1, place de la Concorde

75008 Paris

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Opening hours

Every day except Monday, 11 AM – 7 PM
Late night on Tuesday until 9 PM

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Full rate €11,20 — Concessions €8,70

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