Nathaniel Mellors — The Sophisticated Neanderthal


Photography, sculpture, video

Nathaniel Mellors
The Sophisticated Neanderthal

Past: February 1 → March 15, 2014

Born in 1974 in Doncaster (England), Nathaniel Mellors, who lives and works between Los Angeles and Amsterdam, develops an art based on film-making; writing scripts as well as directing and editing them, and working closely with actors such as Patrick Kennedy and David Birkin.

To these films, he adds works based on sculpture and film stills, such as the ones that can be seen in this show. His studio works incorporate humor, irreverence, the poetic and the absurd but to address themes of ownership, history, power, morality etc. By drawing inspiration from the techniques linked to cinematographic fictions, he inscribes his work within given contexts of the social reality that he questions and analyzes. He explores our tastes, morality, habits and the various ideas anchored in our collective memory.

This project has been set-up in collaboration with Gallery Monitor (Rome), which represents the artist, and is to be considered as the first of a series of exchange-projects between the two galleries.

Aurélia Bourquard — Translation: Frieda Schumann
  • Opening Saturday, February 1, 2014
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