Neïl Beloufa. Raccords — Entretiens sur l’art



Neïl Beloufa. Raccords
Entretiens sur l’art

Past: Monday, April 28, 2014 at 7 PM

Neil beloufa fondation ricard grid Entretien — Neïl Beloufa Né en 1985, Neïl Beloufa, pour son nouveau solo show à la Fondation Ricard, entraîne le spectateur dans le jeu d’une exposition en train de se parfaire sous ses yeux, avant qu’il ne s’attelle prochainement à un film de science-fiction, un autre d’espionnage ou encore à la réalisation de grands dinosaures…

In order to talk about his work, Patrick Javault invites Neïl Beloufa, artist. In his work, Neil Beloufa is not content to operate through a free association of images and ideas, and he is also forever moving us from one plane to another. When a film is involved, things seem more or less simple, even if recounting the future by reports in the present, offering helicopter views of a hypothetical crime scene to be interpreted by different commentators (from the scriptwriter to the lawyer), and telling a story which is not progressing inside a car which is barely moving… leads to a minimum of reflection about the not always suspected mainsprings of the narrative.

But things become more opaque when you get close to the sculptures and installations which may make you think of décor elements, and special effects machines, inviting the operation on them of planes that are at times wide and at others, on the contrary, very tight, highlighting the functionality of an object (seat, saddle…) or else promoting the quality of a material (glass of a façade, chrome of a vehicle..), making or unmaking the film. At a time when people are talking a lot about the exhibition as a format, Neil Beloufa goes looking in and on the screen for things to draw in space, marking out trajectories with energy, taste and a sense of blurring.

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