Nicolas Le Moigne — Trash Cube



Nicolas Le Moigne
Trash Cube

Past: February 25 → March 12, 2011

NextLevel Galerie is pleased to present in preview in France the Trash Cube by the French-Swiss designer Nicolas Le Moigne, produced in collaboration with the Eternit company. After his solo show Materia at the gallery in 2009, he is back with a limited edition of 12 signed and numbered pieces. The weight of each piece was reduced in order to create an interior piece that is more easily transportable.

The Trash Cube is an object that is the result of a contemporary challenge issued by the factory to the designer. In this kind of “backward” process of creation, it was a question of rendering the massive quantities of raw material offcuts produced weekly by the company desirable. As early as spring 2011, nearly 40 tons of Eternit (a compound of concrete and fibre) will be recycled each year thanks to this initiative, since the Trash Cube will be marketed to the public — a coherent way of getting to the heart of the matter.

  • Opening Thursday, February 24, 2011 2 PM → 7 PM
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