Norman Foster



Norman Foster

In about 2 months: May 10 → August 7, 2023

A major figure of world architecture who is often seen as a leader of the “high tech” trend, British architect Norman Foster has designed many iconic creations throughout the world.

Occupying nearly two thousand two hundred square metres, the exhibition presents a large range of drawings, workbooks and multiple scale models and prototypes, affording us an overview of some one hundred projects in both architecture and design. A selection of works of modern and contemporary art underscores the degree to which they were markers of decisive aesthetic periods for Norman Foster. As an architect of networks, transport and exchange systems and organs of communication, Foster has always sought to place the idea of environmental control at the heart of his creations in order to transcend the idea of nature as completely external and ecology as protection and preservation. He thus developed a systemic global comprehension of nature and technology, reconciling technological progress and a sustainable ecological approach.