Label Hypothèse — Nous ne vieillirons pas ensemble


Installation, sculpture, mixed media

Label Hypothèse
Nous ne vieillirons pas ensemble

Past: June 24 → August 1, 2009

Based on an initiative of the hypothèse label group, “nous ne vieillirons pas ensemble” is an exhibition without a theme. It brings together different generations of artists, whose production methods question both the notion of authorship and the different modes in which artworks exist. Organised at various times and locations and conceived of collectively, this project lays bare some of the exhibition curator’s roles and certain “post-production” phenomena (scenographic decisions, the handing-over of the work, the reinterpreting and putting-together of the exhibition as a meta-work, etc.)

“Nous ne vieillirons pas ensemble” sets out to compile a non-exhaustive collection of ontological distinctions, ranging from one-off pieces to series, by way of silkscreen printing, limited or unlimited edition works, freely available documents, works that come with instructions, collaborative works, virtual works or situated works, and including interventions based on the surroundings of the exhibition.

Some of the pieces on show will be “identical” to those shown as part of the first edition organised last year. Others will be spread across the different locations of the project, while others still will be repeated, depending on the size of the edition or printing. There is no overarching theme, no dominating medium, and yet a common spirit serves to unite preoccupations as minimal as they are narrative, to nurture encounters, to initiate new dialogues and to feed our musings on the correct usage of contemporary art

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