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Oliver Beer
Projection The Resonance Project

Past: Saturday, March 3, 2012 5 PM → 8 PM

Oliver Beer is currently following the Pavillon du Palais de Tokyo and won ’New Sensations’ Saatchi prize in 2009.

The Resonance Project is an ongoing body of work consisting of films, sound pieces and performances that use the human voice to stimulate architectural spaces to resound at their resonant frequencies, transforming them into vast architectural instruments. Every room, every space, has its own particular resonant frequencies — the notes at which it will most easily resound; and a room can be made to resound like a wine glass sings at the tip of a finger. This series has led Beer to work in extraordinary architectural and social contexts, from the transparent skyline-tunnels of the Pompidou Centre to the austerity of a Renaissance monastery or the handmade geometry of a Victorian sewer system. Throughout this project, the artist taps into the innate responses we have to our immediate surroundings, using the human voice as a means to redefine our relationships with the spaces around us. Whether working with a Bulgarian folk choir, or with classically trained singers, Beer often uses political or religious texts as a foundation for his work as a means of testing linguistic boundaries by distilling language through the idiosyncrasies of particular architectural spaces. The music which results depends as much on the emotional and intellectual responses of the musicians to the words and the space, as it does on the score, and their musical and cultural influences.

Screening: 5pm // 5:45pm // 6:30 pm // 7:15pm // 8pm

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