Olivier Dollinger — The climate control and the summer of love, 2016



Olivier Dollinger
The climate control and the summer of love, 2016

Past: September 8 → October 16, 2016

The film is based on a single action lead by a performer immersed in a set playing with the codes of the green screen, used to produce special effects. The costume and the mask worn by the performer are close to the figure of the spectrum in the first silent films, reducing its action to produce and maintain a simple weightless bubble above a glass table.

Only form produced in the embedding studio, the bubble, fighting with gravity and its inevitable disappearance, refers both to the pattern used in classical painting, but also to a possible contemporary vanity linked to our relationship to images through their virtuality, their daily appearance and disappearance. In this micro ballet between a body and a spirit, a co-presence asserts itself gradually fading pins to find out who the bubble or character supports the other.

With the support of: Pavillon Neuflize OBC, laboratoire de création du Palais de Tokyo, FNAGP Soutien à la Création, CNAP Aide à la recherche.

  • Olivier Dollinger, The climate control and the summer of love, 2016 — Projection et rencontre Screening Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 7 PM

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