Paris Forever — La 100ème exposition de la galerie


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Paris Forever
La 100ème exposition de la galerie

Past: December 10, 2011 → January 14, 2012

On the occasion of her 100th exhibition, the gallery Magda Danysz brings together artists exhibited through time. This event illustrates twenty years of experience full of beautiful discoveries, of emergent artists who are now internationally-renowned and a constant openness to new horizons.

Magda Danysz says the job of an art dealer is « to learn to make your own choices and follow the artists through time”. She adds « a choice is a thoughtful and considered thing. But above all, you have to fight for it.»
Today, Paris Forever goes back on the choices of the gallery through these hundred exhibitions. The exhibition is the occasion to contemplate in a amused way and with a lot of emotions the artists who have taken part in the huge adventure of Parisian gallery. Much more this exhibition affirms once again her artistic choices over the last years.

Over the years, Magda Danysz exhibited artists from different backgrounds. Photographer as Erwin Olaf, Julian Schnabel or Alain Delorme or Street-Artist as JonOne (first group show in 1992), Miss Van (2000), Space invader (2000) or Shepard Fairey (2004) who become very famous today. The gallery presented before the other ones, in 2005, the stars of Pop-Surrealism like Mark Ryden, Eric White, Ray Caesar or Marion Peck. Since her first exhibitions, she supported digital art and organized exclusive videos show, by the collective Ultralab which notably exhibited at Jeu de Paume later. As a result, several great movements of contemporary art take shape through the works exhibited in Paris Forever.

Paris Forever is an exceptional retrospective of past adventures but also an opening on the ones to come at the gallery with works of Yang Yongliang, Vhils or Maleonn, talented and promising artists who have recently joined the gallery family.

Through this exhibition, Magda Danysz expresses her attachment to Paris, in an art world which becomes globalised where you always have to defend the local scene yet. She was born here and opened her first gallery here. Picking up again the title of the famous novel of Ernest Hemigway « A moveable feast », this exhibition is a celebration of the 100th exhibition, in Paris forever.

  • Paris Forever — La 100ème exposition de la galerie Magda Danysz Opening Saturday, December 10, 2011 6 PM → 9 PM
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