Paris Photo @Home — Avec Pilar Albarracín, Julien Berthier and Alain Bublex


Photography, mixed media

Paris Photo @Home
Avec Pilar Albarracín, Julien Berthier and Alain Bublex

Past: December 2, 2020 → January 30, 2021

In November, when everyone was home again, the gallery took up its Note from Home, a newsletter born out of the first confinement, to share portraits of
our artists and their singular (and confined) universes. Today, following the successive cancellations of the fairs, the gallery decides to participate in Photo Saint Germain and Photo Days and makes the bet to redo, at 33 rue de Seine, a booth «at home» with the works of Pilar Albarracín, Julien Berthier and Alain Bublex: Paris Photo @Home!

In Pilar Albarracín’s work, photography is a real staging — even a show. It becomes the medium archiving and magnifying the performance, at the heart of her practice. The artist, main actress of her works, plays and diverts customs and symbols of her Andalusian culture in socially engaged and «burning» images.

Photography is also at the heart of the work of Julien Berthier. True actor of the gaze, he recently made his entrance among the collections of Centre Georges Pompidou with his additional Balcony, a sculpture accompanied by photographs showing it in situ. Julien Berthier likes to capture the perfect absurdity of the world in which we live, in Beckett’s manner or rather in his own way, with an exquisite sense of humor and a hint of delicacy, revealed in his latest series.

For Alain Bublex, it all starts with photography and travel. The artist, an assiduous spectator of the landscape and of Ted Kotcheff’s first opus of Rambo, initiated a long-term project in 2018: he creates a cartoon from «First Blood» in which the background — the American landscape — becomes the main character.

The sequences of this fiction, redrawn with a graphic tablet and declined in prints with a melancholic atmosphere, contain the history of the American landscape from the 19th century to the 1970s, from the Hudson River School to the hyperrealists.

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