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Paris Photo
La Plateforme

Past: November 12 → 15, 2015

The Plateform is held in the Auditorium on the 1st floor of the Grand Palais


The Platform, experimental forum, will offer through the course of four days a series of interviews, testimonies and discussions around 3 axes:

The collection

Building on the temporal thematic focus of J.P. Morgan’s exhibition for Paris Photo, Director and Chief Curator Lisa K. Erf will bring together international speakers, artists, collectors, and inheritors to discuss making, care-taking and activating photo collections over time.

After the crisis

Photography has traditionally been considered as the origin of the crisis of representation that manifested itself at the beginning of the 19th century, through politics, literature and art. Two centuries later, it seems possible to suture that rupture, and to consider what can be, today, the new forms of life for a form that has experienced its crisis.

Donatien Grau, (University of Oxford), will put together this series that will consist in six panel discussions, followed by a face to face. It will aim at featuring different modalities of the photographic world: photography will dialogue with notions and problems, from politics to painting, and encompass the relation to things, fiction, the impact lf the Internet, and the very particular presentation the medium provides of the artistic event — somewhere between reproduction and re-production.

The relationship between the book and photography

Is the book still the best medium for the dissemination of photography? Through three exchanges with artists using mainly photography, Christophe Boutin (co-founder of onestar press and of Three Star Books) will discuss the elaboration of their works. They will put in perspective their practices in relation to the book and the fascination that this medium continues to impart on these artists today.


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