Particules en symphonie — Makoto Ofune


Installation, painting, mixed media

Particules en symphonie
Makoto Ofune

Past: July 12 → September 10, 2016

The Particles in Symphony of Makoto Ofune are dedicated to these different States of Matter. Dedicated to the beauty of places, Makoto Ofune art installations are always designed as works in situ, echoing the different spatial qualities of the place, emphasizing on subtle contrasts between shadow and light.

Makoto Ofune works with natural materials: colourful minerals pigments extracted from crushed stones, which will then be assembled together with animal glue — on the model of traditional Japanese painting. His work raises philosophical questions of the part and the whole. Or how these particles (mineral pigments) will be able to create a greater whole? Just as individuals are changing and moving in this world, these ‘particles’ can meet, clash, hating, loving each other and ultimately create a great harmony.

Particles in Symphony creates powerful echoes in the Church of Saint -Merry, as a wide space/ receiver dedicated to light and Divine Word.

Curator—Murielle Hladik

Makoto ofune void medium
Makoto Ofune, Void Photos © Mari Tanabe


Across an invisible boundary, In the brimming silence, particules appear, disappear, and appear again. Now I’ll be one particule to join them.


“Particules” imply the existence of individuals.

The historic Saint Merry Church located in the center of Paris shows vivid contrast with the Centre Pompidou that symbolizes modern and contemporary culture. In the Church, various sculptures and paintings constitute the space while lively presenting their value. In addition, the floor and walls, pillars and every other piece of the place is filled with its own history and memory. They all together create the harmony of today, resonating each other.

My works are made of a complex connection and layers of particles of mineral pigment called “Iwa-enogu”.1 Fragments of minerals include immeasurable memories of the earth.

Makoto ofune medium
Makoto Ofune, Process / Making off Photos © Mari Tanabe

Stated differently, the works are composed of the harmony of every irreplaceable existence, and they ultimately form an overall phenomenon as one. I, as an artist, am here to support that harmony, together with the media: glue, water, and air.

When appearing in the Church, my works would become one of the important “Particules” in and for a further vast vessel, the entire space of the Church. Here, “ the presence of blank ” which connects every piece of things will be perceived spontaneously and fortuitously by the ray through the stained glass windows, by sounds that come and go, or possibly by the atmosphere that the people who gather there generates.

Each person who enters in and goes out of this huge vessel shares the space while holding one’s own deep internal world in silence, and freely interact with a variety of existence. As the heart leads, people move and pause, reflect, and face themselves. The experience will lead to the sensation of getting immersed in the atmosphere of the site.

People and artworks, people and people, people and light, sound and air, and even light and painting, artworks and space, artwork and artwork… All the “Particules” begin to talk to each other and make connection to develop one splendid symphony.

Makoto OFUNE


Makoto Ofune was born in 1977 in Japan. He graduated from Kyoto University of Education majoring in Japanese Style painting. Recent exhibitions include “Réceptacle du passage” at La Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris, France; “Shadows of Time” — Makoto Ofune and Anne & Patrick Poirier, Nuit Blanche Kyoto, Japan; “Colors of Season” — the 26th National Cultural Festival in Kyoto Japan; “From Mono to Mono” The Kyoto University Museum in Kyoto, Japan; “Biwako Biennale 2012” at Murakumo-gosho Zuiryu-ji Temple in Shiga, Japan; “Repères” at Espace Topographie de l’art in Paris, France and “Art Rainbow Project” Kunsthalle Rostock in Rostock, Germany.

Makoto Ofune currently residence and work in Paris with supported from the Ministry of Japanese culture.

Makoto ofune 02 medium
Makoto Ofune, Particules en symphonie, making off Photos © Mari Tanabe
  • Souffle du temps Concert Thursday, September 1, 2016 at 7 PM

    Carte Blanche à Ariana Vafadarin, chanteuse franco-Iranienne accompagnée au piano par Julien Carton. Entrée libre.

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