Partitions (Performances) — Laure Mathieu / Camille Bondon



Partitions (Performances)
Laure Mathieu / Camille Bondon

Past: Monday, June 3, 2019 7 PM → 9 PM

Laure Mathieu / The origin of species

The origin of the species is the beginning of a new cycle that the artist engages in notions of the value of art and knowledge. Two years after the publication of Peter Szendy’s book, The Supermarket of the Visible, she questions our modes of circulation of iconomies in “this exchange market housed in the heart of the sensitive.” In the light of the EURion constellation, this survey focuses on the variations brought about by the close relations between poetic and monetary languages.

Camille Bondon / Time measurement

Time Measurement is a dive into a collection of agendas and calendars spanning a year. A journey in what days leave as traces, between what is said and what we know. With the contributions of: Virginie, Marie-Pierre, Sophie, Théo, Catherine, Aurélien, Laurence, Guillaume, Mathilde, Florentine, Tangi, France and Loulou, Anne-Sophie, Nicolas, Anne, Amandine, Cornelia, Julie, Malo, Isabelle , Antoine, Arthur, Fabrice, Lena, Etienne, Michel, Louis, Stephanie, Ekarat, Alice, Lou and Aurélie, Charlotte, Vianney, Monsieur Bisman.

“Tangi carries a weekly agenda in his left back pocket, always the left, and even out of there, he keeps the curve of his buttocks, which is the main criterion and not completely solved in his current choice of diary. there is a specific ratio format / thickness to be found so that it is forgotten once inserted… "


Laure Mathieu

Camille Bondon

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