Partitions (Performances) — Hors les murs : Speech Karaoke



Partitions (Performances)
Hors les murs : Speech Karaoke

Past: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 6 PM → 10 PM

Ricard Foundation is offering Jeune Création, for the fifth consecutive year, an hors-les-murs program for the Partition (Performances) cycle designed by Christian Alandete.

On the occasion of the 68th edition of Jeune Création, this Partitions (Performances) lecture will take place outdoor at Beaux Arts de Paris.

Address: Beaux-Arts de Paris, Cour Vitrée, 14, rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris

This new rhetorical proposal —an oratory art developed at the age of ancient Greece— invites us to free our speech by borrowing the voice of those who made history.

As part of the May 1968 anniversary, the Speech Karaoke Action Group offers a participatory performance derived from karaoke where everyone is invited to speak and embody a specific historical discourse.

Speech Karaoke is a database of public statements: political speeches, manifestos, stances, film clips, sources of inspiration and voices that both have significantly marked history.

Organized by Carl Sebastian Lindberg

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1, cours Paul Ricard

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Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM
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