Patrick Everaert



Patrick Everaert

Past: November 6 → December 23, 2010

Patrick Everaert’s images stem from the human condition. They often evoke anguish, expressed by postures of entrapment, incarceration and also by the state of abandon inherent to sleep, orgasm and death. They also suggest the anonymity of indefinate bodies. These figures, in a way, project themselves into the space. The images have numerous art historical references and sometimes play upon hidden language games and visual perceptions.
Evearert 3 original medium
Patrick Everaert, Sans titre

“At a time of ever increasing superficial differences (cultural, ethinc, religious…) which artificially separate human beings, it srikes me that it is more important than ever to embrace the wonderous unknown and to resist the temptation of simplistic declamations by welcoming any form of subtle, but complex, deeply rooted reflection or entity which moulds are human condition. One is faced with an evergrowing amount of dominating images, a world of generalized brainwaving programmed by an entertainment industry that is heard by all sectors of society, starting by that of the art world ; one finds oneself infront of a systematically controversial and sterile confrontation between opposed certainties which substitutes any notion of debate thus creating a harsh juxtaposition to artistic discussion. In light of this ‘contaminating’ tendancy to accept the straight forward, I try modestly in my own way to resist it by incorporating doubt in to my work and, as a result, space for the imagination of the spectator, hoping that within the ‘coming and going’ between the spectator and the work an intelligence, which is constantly moving, can be found.”

Patrick Everaert, october 2010
  • Opening Saturday, November 6, 2010 6 PM → 8 PM
Aline Vidal Gallery Gallery
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