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Paysage sur Paysage / Landscape on Landscape

Past: November 29 → December 27, 2014

In the exhibition Landscape on Landscape, natural landscapes were reinterpreted, worked on by the man and the nature reinvests landscapes created by the man. The artists propose approaches of the landscape, as architecture, sound, reconstruction, abstraction, interpretation, demolition and finally reconstruction.

Paula Castro

Italian Argentinian artist, born in 1978, and graduated in 2002, from the University of Buenos Aires. She lives and works between Buenos Aires and Paris. She approaches the drawing through a representation of the realm of imagination and mind. The world is interpreted as a “body” of infinite points on which the surface is in movement inside time and space. Horizon tendu is a work interested in exploring the limits and the balances of power. The idea of passivity the horizontal line generates contrasts with the tension produced by two elements, which make this line exist. Frist advice to the spectator (from the book Como ver un cuadro by Cordova Iturburu) and The notebooks of Malta Laurids Brigge (excerpt where girls are drawing a landscape inside a museum, from the book by Rainer Maria Rilke) are two sound artworks where the artist reads a chapter of each of these books.

Julien Creuzet

Artist from Martinique Island, was born in 1986 in Blanc Mesnil, France. He is graduated in 2011 from the ESAM Caen and joined Le Fresnoy studio, in 2012. The exhibition space becomes for him, an archipelago world, interdisciplinary, made up of sculptures, installations, videos, drawings, performances and poems. The notion of creolization feeds its formal practice. It makes the, often painful, History, something beautiful and transformed. Standard and Poor’s, Vent étrange, dans le jardin de Yeyette, rose, reminds Joséphine de Beauharnais, whereas the video En suspens…, is made from a poem by Julien Creuzet. Concerning the artwork Standard and Poor’s, Vieux cailloux, in his drawing practice, he uses different types of images. Trance/transe is an additional notion, which is part of his drawings. It allows his to question movement, the one that produces the drawing and the state of mind guiding the gesture.

Galerie dohyang lee paysage sur paysage julien creuzet medium
Julien Creuzet, Vue de l’exposition Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Dohyang Lee, Paris — Photo © Aurélien Mole

Marie-Jeanne Hoffner

Born in Paris in 1974. She is graduated in 1999 from the National Fine Arts School of Nantes (ENSBA Nantes). She is interested in the issues of architecture and space perception. Carbone (blanc) and Carbone (noir) are two photos, of coloured, unfolded carbons, which make a reference to the question of the image reproduction, through the process of transfer, inherent to carbon papers. The photo itself, in its relation subject / medium, leads to a game of visual disorder.

Romain Vicari

Born in Paris, in 1990 is an Italian Brazilian artist, graduated from the National Fine Arts School of Paris (ENSBA Paris). He lives and works between São Paulo and Paris. Each intervention he makes is thought to dialogue and distort the nature of a specific place. The volume and the colour are tools applied to his work in the form of tracks and markings in his in-situ installations. The building materials used are prefabricated. That is what gives an unfinished aspect in its experiments. Each space is a laboratory of possibilities whose environment influences directly what will be produced during his passage, creating a process of interaction between the space and his body, then between the spectator and the space. Rectangle Lumière, is a video, where a rectangle of light is projected on the ground. This shape is in constant movement. The paint is then used to keep a track of the passing time. São Francisco Xavier is a painting where layers of materials, colours, and textures superimpose, creating dreamlike landscapes.

Galerie dohyang lee paysage sur paysage romain vicari medium

Minia Biabiany

Born in Guadeloupe Island, in 1988. She is graduated from the National Fine Arts School of Lyon (ENSBA Lyon), in 2011. She lives and works between Paris and Mexico D.F. Her work questions the interlacing between intimacy and politics from the place and the territory. Her installations in situ consider the space as the origin and build poetics of the place from its features and from objects conveying personal and collective history. Minia Biabiany presents a series Madras, where the accumulation of the lines of the madras weaves them as the fabric’s threads. The weaving, according to her, is the first architectural gesture, the first movement of enveloping the space. The printings, Mémoire de l’arbre tissé, Dioliba and La nuit du bienheureux, architecture intérieure (which represent landscapes) are reworked with threads build themselves at the same time with the inside / outside relationship, the architecture and the structure of natural elements.

Galerie dohyang lee paysage sur paysage minia biabiany medium
Minia Biabiany, Vue de l’exposition Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Dohyang Lee, Paris — Photo © Aurélien Mole

Elizaveta Konovalova

Born in 1986, in Moscow. She lives and works in Paris and Moscow, after being graduated in 2010 from the National Fine Arts School of Paris (ENSBA Paris). In 2013 she receives the Bœsner award during the exhibition Jeune Création.

The meeting of a place, a situation, an object, a story constitutes a spontaneous and necessary starting point. Such an approach comes from her will to question the diverse aspects of the world and to protect an experimental approach and a curious look into it. By the confrontation of her intuition to the facts, she tries to establish a dialogue with a context that offers itself to her and to find a plastic way that allows her to develop the right artistic language. Winter, made with modelling clay, shows tints obtained by mixture of three colours — white, black and brown. Every tint has a name that matches a characteristic element of the winter landscape of Moscow.

Charlotte Seidel

Born in 1981 in Hamburg, is a German French artist, who lives and works in Paris. Creating small intensities, Charlotte Seidel takes as material the reality of life. Often evoking the absence, her works suggest the warmth of the memories. The diptych Roadtrip deals with journey and landscape that flies by. By removing a part of the sensitive layer of the photography, Charlotte Seidel creates blank spaces that arise imagination and incite the spectator to fill the blank spaces with their own stories. Illusions sur cour is a video which shows foam sliding slowly from left to right along the sky blue tiles, like clouds, transforming a daily situation in a kind of dreamy entertainment, between inside and outside.

Galerie dohyang lee paysage sur paysage charlotte seidel medium
Charlotte Seidel, Vue de l’exposition Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Dohyang Lee, Paris — Photo © Aurélien Mole

Joongho Yum

Born in 1965, in South Korea, graduated from the University Paris VIII. He works between Seoul and Paris. Joongho Yum depicts the marginal places, of the metropolis. In the unreached corners of the city, uses his keen observation to microscopically scrutinize our daily lives. He presents the artwork Geumho dong 1ga 132-7, Seoul, Korea, where he represents suburbs waiting for demolition. He puts his childhood memories in a city changing day after day. However, there are people and things, in the city that have different opinions. That is what he is interested in.

Galerie dohyang lee paysage sur paysage joongho yum medium
Joongho Yum, Vue de l’exposition Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Dohyang Lee, Paris — Photo © Aurélien Mole
  • Opening Saturday, November 29, 2014 6 PM → 9 PM
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