Paysages d’ingérences 2 — Ryoichi Kurokawa — ground


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Paysages d’ingérences 2
Ryoichi Kurokawa — ground

Past: April 8 → May 7, 2011

“ground” is an audiovisual installation work, a reconstruction of images and sounds that are recorded in the Middle East by Daniel Demoustier for his individual recordings in recent years.

This work is composed of three displays and 3.1ch sound. Three images depict the different viewpoints of different situations which are involved in the conflict and the war. These footages show us the suffering and the tragedies that actually happen there. These scenes provide strongly an emotional effect to the viewers. When we look at a war photography, we might try to see the story behind the scene or we might try to make a story on the previous or next image. The war photography gives an impact on the eyes.

The visual effect fascinates the viewers and stimulates directly to their perception. In this work, it gives an aspect of the still image in the moving image, that is to say, a slow transition sequence from one motion to next motion (between the shots) extends the moment. The fragments of images and sounds make a rearrangement of time to avoid making a sort of story. The long and slow sequence enhances the strain and the pressure to the viewers. It emphasizes also the event as “war”, the terror, the fear. This audiovisual installation provides time and space to reflect on the actual event which happens on the same ground.

  • Opening Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 6:30 PM

    Pendant le vernissage une nouvelle version live et spectaculaire de Rheo sera interprétée par Ryoichi Kurokawa dans l’Église Saint-Denys de l’Estrée à 20H30.

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  • Ryoichi Kurokawa