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Paz Corona

Past: May 12 → June 17, 2023

This spring, French-Chilean artist Paz Corona will present at Les filles du calvaire gallery a set of paintings she started end of 2021.

Corona’s painting is rooted in her history; in her act of painting there is always a story she does not know and a technique she develops in the process.
Afterwardsn, in the aftermath, the signifiers of the materials, colors, processes and techniques used and the title that emerges unfold and echo each other. One observes in this ensemble, from one canvas to the other, its floating moorings, its rocking characters, the softness of the fabrics vibrating with flowers, the sensual shimmer of the colors, the poetry deployed to keep the unleashed real at a distance.
All the paintings refer to a radical elsewhere; the characters come from far away, have crossed borders, tell stories to each other, alone or in pairs to tame the world. Saved by a detail: the yellow Proustian touch of “it happens that”, the memory of water lilies of “homage to Claude Monet”, the pink of the shoe of “Al Sur”.

When she paints, Corona is in a silent dialogue with herself and wonders about this question: "how the architecture and the colors of the painting make a body fit into a space? This is the representation of the transformation of her body at the very moment she creates.
Then the title “falls” from the painting as a signifier that she deploys for herself, equivocating between her two languages, the mother tongue and that of her adopted country.

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