Peaux d’âmes — Commissariat : Sandra de Vivies



Peaux d’âmes
Commissariat : Sandra de Vivies

Past: March 15 → May 5, 2012

Six artists and designers employ the medium of ceramics to evoke the Earth, society, man and concerns of the flesh.

In using earth to reflect upon the Earth, we return to man’s primative sources in order to understand the essence of the contemporary world. (…) Creating from the original soil is an organic and philosophical experience. The design duo Les Sismo, the ceramist Tamsin van Essen, the artist Farida le Suavé, the designer and visual artist Elise Fouin and the photographer Natacha Lesueur throw themselves into this experience. Together they share a keen sensitivity to human history and a way of observing the world that is both precise and sincere. Their objects and sculptures, human in appearance, in all their complexity call into question the social image and the risk of individual breakdown, the interaction between sex and power, parentage and the taboo of sickness, the ambiguity of old age as well as that of disappearance. Each piece opens a small door onto the self and the other. The surprise will come from their interaction. (…)

Extract from text by Sandra de Vivies Translation by Alice Cook-Perron
  • Opening Thursday, March 15, 2012 6 PM → 9 PM
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