Peintures à l’eau


Painting, sound - music, mixed media, video

Peintures à l’eau

Past: November 12, 2021 → January 10, 2022

We are water. Even before our birth, water bathed us. It quenches our thirst, amazes us, purifies us. Water frightens us, drowns us, engulfs us, buries us, freezes us. It carries, transports, swallows us. Water flows through us and its song rocks us. We think of ourselves as solid, but we are essentially liquid. We are beauties born from the sea. Liquid mass is our material and the water’s edge is a playground. “*Water Paintings*” offers a series of watery canvases, moving images, prints, black and white and colorful visual and sound reflections. The blue of the sky has fallen into the sea. Water is our ecology.

With LIFANG and Atelier Onoko, Janet Biggs, Carine Bovey, Mauren Brodbeck, Lydia Dambassina, Hala Ezzeddine, Aurélie Gravas, Clara Lacombe, Clare Langan, Jeanne Roualet, Mimiko Türkkan, Olivia Malena Vidal, Ornela Vorpsi

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10 rue du Gothard

1225 Chêne-Bourg (Suisse)

T. +41 22 860 03 72

Opening hours

Wednesday – Friday, 1 PM – 5:30 PM
Other times by appointment

The artists

  • Ornela Vorpsi
  • Janet Biggs
  • Aurélie Gravas
  • Clare Langan
  • Mimiko Türkkan
  • Carine Bovey
  • Mauren Brodbeck
  • Hala Ezzeddine
  • Lifang
  • Rita Natarova
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