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Périphériques Architectes

Past: March 15 → April 14, 2012

La galerie d’architecture presents an exhibition of the work of Périphériques Architectes. Following a first exhibition in 2006, Anne-Françoise Jumeau, David Trottin and Emmanuelle Marin wanted to present the agency’s work from the last five years. During this period, Périphériques Architectes designed around 60 projects for a wide range of programs, including housing schemes, schools, universities, law courts, libraries, subway stations, laboratories, offices, a theatre, a club, an aquarium, shopping malls, and an exhibition pavilion. Ten of these projects have been completed or are under construction.

By presenting the projects as large “picture-stories”, dioramas, compositions of architects’ models, design sketches and sequences of plans, the exhibition allows visitors to immerse themselves in the creation process and to follow the history of each project. Five projects are presented in greater detail on screen tables: the Frémicourt program in Paris 15, Roller Coaster 72 at Île de Nantes (44), 117 Cardinet in Paris 17, the School Complex and Student Residence in St Denis (93), and the Cimendef Multimedia Library at St Paul de la Réunion (97).

* : 1200 applications, 64 projects, 10 completions.

  • Opening Thursday, March 15, 2012 6:30 PM → 9 PM
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