Persona — Exposition inaugurale


Mixed media

Exposition inaugurale

Past: February 4 → April 8, 2023

With : Helena ALMEIDA, Abdelhak BENALLOU, Arielle BOBB-WILLIS, Jérémie COSIMI, Kenny DUNKAN, Charles FREGER, Frances GOODMAN, Juul KRAIJER, Katinka LAMPE, Thomas LÉVY-LASNE, Sungi MLENGEYA, Ethan MURROW, Nelli PALOMÄKI, Emilie PITOISET, Maya Inès TOUAM

For the opening of its new space on rue Chapon in Paris, Les filles du calvaire presents Persona, a group show bringing together artists represented by gallery and invited ones.

Kenny dunkan 1 medium
Kenny Dunkan, Solid Boi, 2022 Courtesy de l’artiste

This inaugural exhibition is spread over the 300m2 of this new space. The diversity of the works displayed reflects the sensitivity of the gallery, its affections and its curiosity. Persona gathers authors whose energy animates the contemporary visual arts scene and works that have in common the choice of figuration and a particular attention paid to the question of representation.

This joyful or terrible, precise or evanescent, political, committed and always inhabited figuration is as much our portrait as that of the prolific and necessary creation that we embrace.

Capture%20decran%202023 02 03%20132237 1 medium
Helena Almeida, Desenho (Détail), 2012 Courtesy de l’artiste

Persona evokes the mask, that of ancient theaters and disguise, but also the interface between the individual and society. A social mask that says as much as it hides, both turned towards the outside and suspended from appearances. This exhibition stages our masks, gives body to the multitude and offers a stage to the artists, to their plays, roles and characters that they interpret. Here the scene is simple: our walls, their visions and a strong desire to make their works resonate through the (new) gallery.

per-sonare (« resonate through»)

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